Management Philosophy

Sharing pleasure and joy

Our management philosophy is to share pleasure and joy and to help all have a happy life with Tenma through the production and sales of our products.
This philosophy is based on our company's motto of “Faith, Hope, and Love”.

With this philosophy in mind, we would like to share, without limits, this pleasure and joy through the usage of our products.
In other words, through the teamwork of Tenma employees banding together as one to manufacture and sell Tenma's products and with the goal to further improve and provide those products, our customers feel pleasure and joy.
Tenma employees in return, feel pleasure and joy from the pleasure and joy experienced by our customers.
We sincerely want our customers to feel the pleasure and joy of using our products.

Plastic products could be merely considered as manufactured goods. However, we don't want to merely manufacture and sell products. We would also like to add our "pleasure and joy".
Our goal is to send that sentiment through our products to all of our customers.

Environmental Policy

  • We, TENMA'S executives and employees, based on our management philosophy, will establish the management system that reduces environmental burden in order to promote recycling, resource and energy saving and waste-reduction.
  • Considering influences on the environment, we will observe relevant regulations that concern our company, that meet our customers' requests and that adhere to relevant local regulations.
    Also, safety will be of the highest priority.
  • We will efficiently transport materials and products, thus reducing gas emissions from automobile exhaust.
    Also, we will develop a simplified method of packing and packaging.

To achieve this policy, we will annually determine the Environmental Policy and the Corporate guiding principles. We will monitor the progress and endeavor to continuously improve.

Environmental Target

・We will decrease 1% of Energy usage from the previous year.

TENMA's Corporate Principles

We, TENMA'S executives and each employee, will act according to the following principles with integrity, reliability and responsibility, in order to embody the management policy.

(Environment and Safety)
1.We will take voluntary measures to ensure environmental preservation and safety.

2.We will consider change as opportunity and will challenge ourselves to innovate technologically.

(Customer Satisfaction)
3.We will offer products and services of maximum quality to meet the needs of the customers.

4.We will observe all laws and company regulations and act accordingly with high moral standards.

5.We will strive for self-improvement, and aim to be world-class professionals.

6.We will strive to achieve proper public communication and timely disclosure of corporate information.

(Expansion of corporate value)
7.We will aim for the expansion of corporate value by executing the aforementioned action principles.

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