Message from the Management


Notwithstanding the challenges of the technological advancements of the past half-century, we remain unwavering in our foundational principle to enrich people's lifestyles.

We, the TENMA Corporation, were established in 1949. From the beginning of our establishment over half a century ago, we have been refining our technology to develop plastic molding and its processes to produce both household goods and industrial products.

Demands for the quality and quantity of plastic products have been growing, and responding these demands have allowed us to improve both our technical skills and our business performance.

Since 1988, we have been expanding our production bases overseas, and we have grown to be one of the leading molding companies in China and in some nations in the Southeast Asian region.
We will continue to enhance our technical skills and strive to be the top molding company in the Southeast Asian region, chosen by customers for our high quality.

In addition, our "Fits" brand storage cases that can be found in just about every household, have become one of the most popular brands in Japan.

With our great technical skills and product competitiveness, we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the plastic molding industry.

We will continue to strive to achieve our mission of "creating a harmonious and enriched society through the harmonious usage of plastics."

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